☆ NO BODY NO SHAPE NO MIND NO FEAR ☆   ♡ i am a point in time & space ♡ i am the truths that i create ♡   ☆ LIKE A FUCKIN' SUN ☆  ♡ i will do my best to fuck your mind back to its original state ♡  ☆ TEAM GUNDOGS WAS DESTROYED. OPERATION HELL DIVE WAS A FAILURE. ☆   ♡ i'm real sorry, it's not me ♡ can't you tell this to your diary? ♡  ☆ DON'T YOU KNOW THAT I DISCOVERED THE BOMB? ☆   ♡ i have dreams of orca whales and owls ♡  ☆ BREAK THROUGH THE HAZE ☆ TRACE THE WAY BACK ☆   ♡ put me in your shopping cart, then put me back and break my heart! ♡  ☆ TELL ME SECRETS ☆ TALK ABOUT EVERYONE ☆ YOUR WAVES WILL CREST ☆ EVAPORATE IN THE SUN ☆   ♡ even if nobody else sings along! ♡   ☆ WE TURN TO DUST GET SWEPT AWAY ☆  ♡ dreaming of the dolphin song ♡   ☆ YOU DON'T HAVE TO TALK ABOUT IT, YOUR INTENTIONS SPEAK ABOUT IT ☆   ♡ even if nobody else sings along! ♡   ☆ MY FEET SLIPPED THROUGH THE FLOOR ☆   ♡ fuck your mystic wisdom, find your own way home from bonnaroo ♡   ☆ GUESS WHY WOLVES BUILT HEAVEN? ☆   ♡ love of the s*n ♡  ☆ I'M FILLED WITH WANDERLUST! ☆ MY DREAMS ARE RUNNING CIRCLES! ☆  ♡ have you been half asleep? and have you heard voices? ♡   〖you've been here for a while, stranger. sorry about the mess. i hope you are cozy here. come back whenever you like - i'll be around, even if i'm not. let's kick it off〗 *:・゚ ✧ * : ・゚ ✧    

i know

i know

it's me, nia! i'm eating a whole bag of peas! welcome to my web hell!

i am a 21 y/o trans gal in the pittsburgh area. on hrt as of jan 12. i am not much of an artist, but i love to create. the world deserves good, and that's what i want to make more of.

i am a slutty lil consumer. there's so much room in my heart for a lot of different media - music more than anything. games and comics and films have changed my life, but i love to let music define me. i play the piano, but if the gift of free time falls in my lap i would love to learn more instruments. learning is important to me, and i don't ever want to stop. most of my interests are labelled in "tell me more"! go study your Girl Lore!

hopefully it is evident that i'm not a web designer, because i do not have any clue what i'm doing. i'm putting pieces of things i like together, which is sort of how i create art in the first place regardless. i love too many things to not let them bleed into everything i do. however in this case, i am taking cool html from cool places. big and loving thank yous to strovi and ikewise, who will probably never see this website regardless.

i'm engaged! i adore my fiance and we'll be having our wedding in summer of next year. we've been togther for five years, and i love him very, very dearly. thank you, alex.

you're here a little early, netizen. i'm doing my best to keep this lil page updated (hello from nov 5th!).
if i can find more rambling to do, i'll toss it in here. much love! ttyl!